Donator’s Wall

Our sincere thanks goes to the following individuals and businesses who have donated to the Alice Springs School of the Air. Their contribution helps to enrich the education experience of students in the most remote areas of Australia.

Offline Donations

  • Online donation from Inka Hanna Knackstedt from Hildeheim, Germany has donated $20.00 on 12/02/16

  • Donation from Margaret Merhoff visiting from Upland, California, USA has donated $120.00 on 10/02/16

  • Donation from Dr A K Murthy and his wife, visiting from Stockport, UK has donated $100.00 on 10/02/16

  • Donation from Randy Valenti and Roni Kaluza visiting from Israel has donated $100.00 on 10/02/16

  • Library donation from Jan with a difference, Boambee, NSW, Australia has donated $TIGERFIN and the ferry children on 20/10/14

    My husband and I visited the Alice Springs School of the Air in late August and were very inspired by the wonderful facility you and how much it does for the children of the outback. We mentioned our daughter had illustrated a children's book and felt sure she would love to donate one to School of the Air. The author Maureen Bartlett lives in Sydney and Shona and family live near Coffs habour in NSW. Do hope the children enjoy the story and illustrations. Yours Truly Jan

  • Library donation from Alan, St Louis, Missouri, USA has donated $10 on 16/10/14

    Awesome program!

  • Library donation from Elaine & Stuart, Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, USA has donated $10 on 16/10/14

    You have the most amazing school. Reading is most essential.

  • Library donation from Hemess Family, Melbourne, VIC, Australia has donated $10 on 16/10/14

    Wonderful concept, enjoy the book.

  • Library donation from Sandra, Atlanta, Georgia, USA has donated $10 on 15/10/14

    Enjoy the book. Reading opens the world.

  • Library donation from Sian, Pontypridd, Wales, UK has donated $10 on 14/10/14

    I hope you enjoy the book. I love reading, I work as a librarian.

  • Library donation from Beradette & Frank, San Antonio, Florida, USA has donated $10 on 15/10/14

    Enjo! Keep up the good work.

  • Library donation from Nicole & Sarah, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia has donated $20 on 14/10/14

    We hope you enjoy grin

  • Library donation from Marilyn, Nutley, New Jersey, USA has donated $10 on 11/10/14


  • Library donation from Tim & Christen, Zug, Switzerland has donated $10 on 11/10/14

    I don't know the book (Two Wolves)but I hope you like it! grin

  • Library donation from Michele, Holley, New York, USA has donated $10 on 09/10/14

    Please enjoy the book.

  • Library donation from Linda, Nowra, NSW, Australia has donated $10 on 09/10/14

    I think you are very lucky to be able to do your schooling at home. Would love to hear from you.

  • Library donation from Don & Karen, Nowra, NSW, Australia has donated $10 on 09/10/14

    Hope you enjoy this book. Our grandchildren all live in town at Nowra and Dubbo, NSW.

  • Library donation from Julie & Jim, Barrie, Ontario, Canada has donated $10 on 08/10/14

    Our grandson in Vancouver loves comics. I know he would be happy for you to love them too!

  • Library donation from Clive & Rita, Bristol, England has donated $10 on 08/10/14

    We have grand children who would enjoy this book. We hope you do too.

  • Library donation from Dot, Birmingham, England has donated $20 on 08/10/14

    Monsters are my favourite!!

  • Library donation from Dr Paul, Sydney, NSW, Australia & Safrancisco, California, USA & Taipei,Taiwan has donated $20 on 08/10/14

    Travel and see the world!

  • Library donation from Liz & Grahame, Sydney, NSW, Australia has donated $20 on 08/10/14

    Enjoy this book and you will learn about other countries people and cultures.

  • Library donation from Rosebud Secondary College, Rosebud, Victoria, Australia has donated $20 on 07/10/14

    Our bus driver's nickname is wombat! I am a secondary teacher, enjoy! Jodie

  • Library donation from Ogilvie High School, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia has donated $10 on 07/10/14

    Our Northern Territory Tour, 2014

  • Library donation from Marcia, Dolylestown, Pennsylvania, USA has donated $10 on 30/09/14

    Everyone in every country loves dinosaurs. I was a First Grade teacher in Pennsylvania, USA.

  • Library donation from the Jack, Alexandra, Victoria, Australia has donated $10 on 02/10/14

    I have been travelling Australia on a motorbike (with my Pop) to raise money for prostate cancer - 10,000kms. I am 8 years old.

  • Library donation from Cora, Cologne, Germany has donated $10 on 02/06/14

    ROAR, I'm a dinosaur!!!!

  • Library donation from the Queak family, Horsham, Victoria, Australia has donated $10 on 02/06/14

    Enjoy this book. Study hard and follow your dreams!

  • Library donation from the Sullivan children, Townsville,Queensland, Australia has donated $10 on 04/06/14

    From city kids to bush kids - we are the same!

  • Library donation from Jodi, Delray beach, Florida, USA has donated $10 on 02/06/14

    I love to read and I hope you do too. Enjoy this book! Jodi

  • Library donation from Lili has donated $20 on 03/09/14

    I think you will like this book.

  • Library donation from Alkira, Melbourne, Australia has donated $20 on 23/09/14

    We hope you enjoy the book. Goodluck with the School of the Air. Hannah & Laura

  • Library donation from Janette, Edinburg, Scotland has donated $10 on 28/09/14

    Your school seems so exciting! Dedicated to my father: Grant John Buchan

Online Donations

  • rgerg erg has donated $1.00 on 21/12/16


  • Karen Mendez has donated $30.00 on 16/10/16

    I enjoyed my tour. Keep up the good work.

  • Ro Cunningham has donated $100.00 on 20/08/16

    Billy Hayes Memorial from Doc, Ro, Jessy, Matt

  • Belinda Bowring has donated $100.00 on 21/07/16

    Rural Business Support Incorporating Rural Financial Counselling SA & NT with condolences to the Hayes family.

  • John and Liz Girke has donated $100.00 on 21/07/16

    In loving memory of Billy Hayes RIP

  • NT Cattlemen's Association has donated $500.00 on 21/07/16

    NT Cattlemen's Association with respect and condolences to the family of Billy Hayes

  • Jo Shearn has donated $50.00 on 21/07/16

    For the Hayes family

  • Benjamin Taylor has donated $25.00 on 20/07/16

    in memory of Billy Hayes