Our School

Alice Springs School of the Air is one of two Schools of the Air in the Northern Territory funded by the Department of Education.

The Alice Springs School of the Air offers a wide range of educational services and activities to isolated school children, from Pre school to Year 9, in the southern half of the Northern Territory and the extreme north of South Australia.

The School operates for 40 weeks of the year and follows the same school calendar as other Government schools in the Northern Territory, sharing the same term and holiday schedule.

Many of our students live on cattle stations but they also come from Indigenous communities, camel farms, national parks, mining camps, road houses, remote police stations and tourist ventures. Some students stay with the school from the start of their primary education all the way through until the end of Year 9 when they either continue in distance education via the Northern Territory Open Education Centre, or move into a regional centre or interstate to attend boarding school.

Our staff understands the extreme isolation experienced by our students and their families. The school operates under the following values:

We are a community committed to developing a love of learning by providing a positive and inspiring environment that incorporates contemporary learning approaches and allows children to take risks and learn from their mistakes. We provide opportunities for each person to maximise his/her learning experiences and strive for excellence by providing a high quality education for remote and isolated students, using professional staff and the most appropriate resources.

We believe high quality communication using a variety of methods is vital to maintaining, sustaining and progressing our school community.

To achieve common goals, all members of our school community are willing to assist each other with clear, consistent and accessible leadership to promote the educational, emotional and social wellbeing of our whole school community.

We appreciate that each person is an individual with differing beliefs, needs and learning styles.

We promote excellence in teaching by showing dedication to continued learning, personal development, confidentiality and provision of support to fellow educators and community members.