Though ASSOA is a government funded school, the expense of providing education to our remote students is many times that of a traditional or face to face school. There are many learning programs and additional resources that enhance learning and you might like to make a donation to assist us in providing these things to our students.

Generous donations allow us to continue our interstate excursion program for Year 5 and 6 students, maintain an additional 4WD vehicle to enable us to visit students regularly and purchase tablet devices like iPads, high end wireless speakers and microphones to enrich interactive learning. We also use donated funds to continually build our library collection so that each child can regularly borrow from a contemporary collection of resources.

In addition to funds received through our Visitor Centre we also appreciate donations from individuals and corporations. Donations of any amount help to enhance the education experience of our students and are greatly appreciated.

Due to COVID 19, just like many business our Visitor Centre has closed with no imcome.  The income is given to the school each year to support resourses, extra curricular and special projects.  Therefore donations are even more important in 2020.


Thank you for your support.