From the wider community

We receive many requests and emails every year from people all around the World who are interested in our school and the unique ways we deliver lessons. Here is a selection of them:

"ASSOA is a great school because we meet lots of interesting people, even though we are so far away. At Inschools we all get to see our friends and teachers and go on some great excursions together."

Brooke Year 7

"ASSOA is full of friendly and kind kids and teachers. I always look forward to Inschools and spending time with everyone. I feel safe there.

I love home visits and showing the teachers my school room and where I live.

The teachers are pretty clever at ASSOA, teaching us their computer tricks. Mrs Skoss and art lessons are the best!"

Belle Year 5

"I love ASSOA because I can dress up and be a detective. My teacher likes dressing up for IDL. I like making movies" Mac

A student’s perspective


My name is Josefine Tschuchnigg. I come from Austria.

I wanted to visit your school in December 2013, but it was Sunday morning and your school was unfortunately closed. So I was not able to meet you.

I am a teacher. My pupils are 12 years old. They learn english just for 2 years.

Do you think that it would be possible to contact your pupils via email or perhaps letters?

I am really very interested in your kind of lessons. How you live, how your pupils learn, make tests, ....

I am a teacher for mathematics. So my English is not really good, but I hope you can understand.

Thank you very much!

Josefine Tschuchnigg, Austria