Donator’s Wall

Our sincere thanks goes to the following individuals and businesses who have donated to the Alice Springs School of the Air. Their contribution helps to enrich the education experience of students in the most remote areas of Australia.

Offline Donations

  • Online donation from Inka Hanna Knackstedt from Hildeheim, Germany has donated $20.00 on 12/02/16

  • Donation from Margaret Merhoff visiting from Upland, California, USA has donated $120.00 on 10/02/16

  • Donation from Dr A K Murthy and his wife, visiting from Stockport, UK has donated $100.00 on 10/02/16

  • Donation from Randy Valenti and Roni Kaluza visiting from Israel has donated $100.00 on 10/02/16

  • Library donation from Janette, Edinburg, Scotland has donated $10 on 28/09/14

    Your school seems so exciting! Dedicated to my father: Grant John Buchan

Online Donations

  • Eva and Hugh Lucas has donated $50.00 on 17/12/19

    We are donating to you as our Christmas gift to the teachers at our small school at Ganmain Public School in NSW. We decided to do this instead of buying them a they give to us, we want to give to others.

  • G R Heath has donated $100.00 on 15/12/19

    Bill & Ray Heath ( Merry Christmas from Lorna and Ross

  • NERIDA FOO has donated $910.00 on 07/02/19


  • Janelle McCormack has donated $55.00 on 02/02/19

    I visited Australian twice & my best friend is an Aussie school teacher. I donated money for books when at your visitor's center. Very nice center & informational! Thank You! Use this gift wisely please! Respectfully, Janelle McCormack, Oregon, USA

  • Rosalie James has donated $100.00 on 31/01/19

    Girl Guides Trefoil Guild Sydney

  • Heather Ebbott has donated $40.00 on 23/12/18

  • Meg Young has donated $5.00 on 01/11/18

  • Imogene Shaver has donated $155.00 on 20/02/18

  • Ian Foston has donated $200.00 on 24/12/17

    Keep up the great work! Donation from Rachel Foston, Melbourne.

  • Harry Dickison has donated $100.00 on 04/09/17

    Please put this toward library books for Grade 2/3 . Thank you. From Harry Dickison (Grade 2 Sunshine Coast Qld)

  • Wolfgang Proell has donated $30.00 on 16/08/17