Recipes from the Centre - Plus Station Histories

This book has been produced to benefit the children attending Alice Springs School of the Air. favourite recipes have been submitted by the parents, friends, and teachers of ASSOA over a period of twenty years. Tribute must be made to the past and present efforts to get this book published. The daunting task of compiling this book was taken by Jacinta McCaskill and Colleen Costello of Lilla Creek Station. Appreciation must also go to the present Parents and Friends Association, the Connellan Trust and Miss Belinda Pearson, Past Principal of ASSOA for their encouragement and support. To give you an idea of the area covered by Alice Springs School of the Air, a brief history of where ASSOA families live has been included. Spread throughout the book they might help pass the time while you wait for the billy to boil! Enjoy!

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