• The History of ASSOA Sports House names

    KISSEL HOUSE (RED) - On the 8 June 1951, the School of the Air was officially opened at the Royal Flying Doctor Base in Alice Springs. Mr Kissel of Alice Springs Higher Primary School was the leader of the broadcasting team. At first lessons are a one way affair, but soon question and answer time was added to the end of each broadcast. Sometimes a microphone was taken into one of the classrooms at the school and the outback children could listen in to specially prepared lessons or dramatisations. FERGUSON HOUSE (YELLOW) - In 1953, Miss Molly Ferguson takes over as the leader of the broadcasting team. By 1954, the School of the Air is operating from what became the Anzac Hill High School from a purpose built broadcast studio with and observation area. Miss Molly Ferguson becomes the sole teacher for the School of the Air. BARRETT HOUSE (BLUE) - in 1958, Mrs Nancy Barrett is employed to replace Mrs Stiller who has to retire due to ill health. In 1960, Mrs Nancy Barrett embarks on the first official 'patrol'. She uses her own car and is away for a week at a time, visiting as many stations as she can in one direction, spending half a day at each and staying at a different station each night. The 'patrols' were so successful that the Commonwealth Government went on to provide the vehicles and expenses for future patrols.
  • The largest classroom in the World

    The Alice Springs School of the Air has students living in an area covering 1,300.000 square kilometres or 521,000 square miles. That's double the size of Texas USA, ten times the size of England, three and a half times the size of Germany and a little over twice the size of France.
  • A World First

    The Alice Springs School of the Air was the first to use two-way radio broadcasts to help with the education of students in remote areas who were unable to attend face-to-face lessons.
  • Satellite Technology

    The Alice Springs School of the Air has been heavily reliant on using satellite technology to conduct classes since 2006.